Time to Transform Our Communities

Transform Our Communities (TOC) is a project developed by Commitment in Communities to build the capacity of faith groups to address social exclusion.

It is funded by the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund, a fund made available by the Cohesion and Faith Unit of the Home Office.

The TOC Toolkit

As the first part of this project, we have developed a toolkit for faith groups setting up projects to address social exclusion, particularly amongst young people.

This toolkit is designed to complement the numerous publications that exist to enhance your understanding of community development and neighbourhood renewal.

The toolkit has two parts – planning and delivery of projects.

The planning part looks at first steps, working with partners, identifying needs, fundraising, participation, action planning, implementation, management and evaluation.

The delivery part gives several project case studies as well as sessions that have been, and can be, run for young people.

You can find relevant background material as well as links and references to other useful resources here.


We have also undertaken an audit of Methodist Churches, and matched that with a report from our Anglican partners, Faith in Two Cities, to produce a set of conclusions that are helping to direct the TOC project.



The TOC Toolkit is written by Jonny Wineberg for Commitment in Communities.