Practical Links is an a to z of community activity ideas. is the website of the National Federation for Community Organisations. Community Matters supports its members and other community organisations directly through information sheets; a bi-monthly magazine, COMMUNITY; its own publications; an advice service, including a daily telephone advice line; a consultancy service, and much more. Well worth a visit.

The Inter Faith Network have information about local initiatives as well as the excellent Connect Guide which has information on youth inter faith work.

Challenging Church is a campaign developed by Christian charity, the Shaftesbury Society. Its website has many resources in PDF format with several examples of churches working together.

Neighbourhood Statistics is a free to access government website that gives you statistics for your local neighbourhood allowing you to plan more effectively to your community's needs and evidence that need to other bodies and especially potential funders.

The Literacy Trust has several downloadable resources and an excellent links page for literacy websites. They also have an excellent section looking at approaches to working with disaffected young people.

The National Youth Agency has a portfolio of Resources for Practice although these are hard copies to purchase and not downloadable. It also has a series of downloadable factsheets on various aspects of working with young people.